Agreement Void Ab Initio

Agreement Void Ab Initio: What it Means and Why it Matters in the Legal World

The term “agreement void ab initio” may not be commonly known to the average person, but it holds significant importance in the legal world. It refers to a contract or agreement that is considered invalid from the beginning, as if it never existed at all. In this article, we`ll explore the concept of agreement void ab initio, its legal implications, and why it`s essential to understand when dealing with contracts and legal disputes.

What is Agreement Void Ab Initio?

To understand what agreement void ab initio means, it`s essential to know that for a contract to be legally binding, there must be an offer, acceptance, and consideration. An agreement void ab initio means that one or more of these three essential elements is missing, making the entire contract invalid.

There are many reasons why a contract may be considered void ab initio. For example, if one party was under duress or coercion while agreeing to the contract, or if the agreement violates a law or public policy, it can be considered void from the outset.

Why Does it Matter?

The importance of understanding agreement void ab initio lies in its legal implications. If a contract is deemed void from the beginning, it is as if it never existed. Any obligations or duties that were created under the agreement are also null and void. This means that neither party can rely on the contract to enforce any rights or remedies.

For example, suppose a person enters into a contract to buy drugs from another person. In that case, the contract is not only illegal but also void ab initio. This means that the buyer cannot sue the seller for not delivering the drugs because the contract was never valid in the first place.

Additionally, understanding agreement void ab initio can help parties avoid entering into contracts that may be invalid. If one party suspects that a contract may be illegal or against public policy, they can refuse to sign it, thereby avoiding any legal disputes that may arise.


In conclusion, agreement void ab initio is a legal concept that refers to a contract that is considered invalid from the outset. It is essential to understand this concept as it can have significant legal implications. If a contract is deemed void ab initio, any obligations created under the agreement are null and void. This means that parties cannot enforce any rights or remedies under the contract. So, it`s better to avoid entering into such contracts to prevent any legal disputes.