Software Implementation

To maximize your firm’s software investment, it requires us to build an integrated system best suiting to your organizational structure. We carry out the following measures to give you the most out of our services.

Step 01: Requirement Analysis

Our first step is to make sure we stand what the customer expects. As a first move, we plan a detailed outlook of the services a customer requires and carry out an analysis of complete business process, the timeframe, and specifics to create an execution plan best fitting the needs. 

Step 02: Resource Analysis

Prior to proposing the solutions best suited, we inquire the business resources of client and identify key resources i.e. Human, Budget and IT in depth, to ensure the delivery of solid value proposition expected.

STEP 03:  Proposing Best Solution

After assessment, we develop a criterion for you to evaluate the available solutions to choose from and offer combination of features, price, platform, etc. best suiting your business needs.

STEP 04: Project Planning

To match your selected solution, we form a project team fit for the project scope. The business requirements are translated into technical requirements and the policies, processes, methods and final blue prints are designed.

STEP 05: Installation & Configuration

After the refinement, the business requirements are communicated to technical team who works on Installation & configurations. This process completes one quarter of implementation.

STEP 06: Testing

After the successful installation and configuration, our technical team along with client’s project lead, tests every component of the software configuration to make sure there is no glitch and laggings in system controls and operational requirements.

STEP 07:  Mentoring & Training 

When the testing is completed, the next phase is mentoring and training. For this, our team of experts ensure to train each end user as per their operational requirement for every job function, conduct end-to-end evaluations and checks in person.  

STEP 08:  User Acceptance

To provide user support for ease in use, a self-test is conducted to see if all the services required and details mentioned in the contract are met, followed by providing new installation manual for every individual user ensuring system implementation is user friendly.

STEP 09:  Go Live

In this phase, our team of experts will shift to client site to check the successful outcome in production phase. It checks the ability to transact and runs all the business data in new software.

STEP 10: Project Handing Over

The final software is delivered to the client after all testing and transactions. After the business resumes the normal operations with new software, we checklist all the requirements to make sure the process satisfies the business needs.

STEP 11:  Post Go-Live Support

This is an additional service to standard implementation by software vendors where users are provided with further support in preparing and conducting operations through newly implemented system environment.

STEP 12: Custom Reporting & Templates

Here, a company can choose the layout and customize reports best suiting its operational needs. This further increase efficiency at user level and company level.

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