Business Management Software


Micromind Axolon is a comprehensive business management software solution for small and mid-sized businesses. AxolonERP is one of the Business management software in Dubai, UAE, GCC Countries.. Inventory Software, HR&Payroll, Project Management, Software Development, Solutions and Services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the middle east with a range of easy-to-use, secure, and efficient Business management software solutions and services – from Business Intelligence, Finance and Accounting (for account auditors, accountants, account professionals & bookkeepers), HR & Payroll (for human resource managers & recruitment agencies), retail Point-Of-Sale(POS), ERP, CRM to accounts, Sales & Distribution, Vendors & Purchasing. We cater to the technology needs of various Industries like Manufacturing, Construction, Trading, Project Management, Service Industries, Wholesale &Distribution, marketing, Inventory, planning, Fixed Assets, and forecasting products.

Why Axolon is right for your business

Axolon delivers built-in, flexible functionality that provides business value now and into the future. With Axolon you can:

  • Improve productivity with familiar, easy-to-use interface that make it easy to communicate and use effectively. Gain access to the right information and tools with intuitive interface of Axolon, which provides employees the specific information and functionality they need based specifically on their role in your company.
  • Go beyond basic reporting and extend insight across your entire organization with easy to use, out-of-the-box reporting capabilities that help you gain deep insight into your business performance. Dashboards help set priorities and simplify access to the information your people need to make confident decisions.
  • Easy to implement and setup using the automated installation system, you can easily setup and implement Axolon in your company.
  • Affordable Price: compare to other available ERP systems, Micromind Axolon is very affordable to small and medium sized businesses.
  • Get instant visibility into real-time financial and operational performance across your entire company.
  • Streamline all back-office processes across financial management, revenue management, order management, billing and Inventory Management.
  • Improve accountability and compliance with robust, audit-able accounting and powerful reporting .