Taxation Services


We have a depth of experience in developing unique, innovative and sound tax strategies that align with our clients’ business and private goals.
Our cognizant advice has consistently resulted in maximizing tax savings while minimizing liabilities. A comprehensive tax strategy builds an active reporting substructure which fortifies tomorrow’s progress while meeting current needs.
Micron International gives competitive leverage for firms, institutions, minuscule business enterprises likewise as individuals by offering a gamut of compliance and advisory accommodations.
Our aim is to preserve your assets and increase your profitability by making the most of the tax laws. In and of itself our firm recommends incipient tax coordinating opportunities that sanction you to utilize the simplest of your assets.

Taxation services we provide are:

Individual Registration

Individual tax affairs have profound impact on corporate tasks, without thoughtful planning you may result in paying more than required. We are dedicated to provide our services with the expertise and resources to manage. We consistently look for ways to reduce tax obligations and increase income to maximize your return on investment. We are pleased to offer individuals consultation to assess your ability to attenuate tax and plan more efficiently for the long run. Our goal to provide you with pertinent advice and trusted suggestions.

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